Our mission

Our mission is to change the way startups are traditionally created. With a “product first, company second” approach we co-incubate with entrepreneurs to build high-quality products.

Not only do we incubate startups, we also provide programs for both small and large enterprises to help them with their innovation journey. All this under one roof in a co-working environment to share and discuss experiences.

Designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Our values, our universe

At Moonshot Labs, important values ​​guide our steps…

Transmitting & sharing

Passionate about entrepreneurship and digital innovation, we want to share our experience and give young people the desire to be an entrepreneur.

Partnerships with several universities and ‘grandes écoles’ (conferences, student projects, training and recruitment)

Partnership with GEM Entreprendre, a student association that promotes entrepreneurship

Organization of free events to encourage exchanges among entrepreneurs

Focusing on humans

Listening, trust and team spirit are the foundations of a relationship that allow the best projects to emerge. At Moonshot Labs caring and well-being at work are a core part of our DNA.

Use of collective intelligence workshops and agile methodologies to promote the exchange of ideas.

Creation of a pleasant working environment with the involvement of employees

Organization of convivial moments for team cohesion (after work culture, team building weekends…)

Developing our territory

Located in the heart of Grenoble, we support project leaders and businesses in the region and favor local partnerships. Our goal : promoting technological innovations while being as close as possible to the needs of our territory.

Partnerships with institutional (Grenoble CCI, Grenoble Alpes Métropole etc.) and private actors.

Collaboration with universities and ‘grandes écoles’ of the region (GEM, IM2AG, Polytech, IUT GEA, etc.)

Cooperation with local associations (e.g. La maison des familles)

Respecting our ethics

We want our actions to be consistent with our convictions and to help causes that are important to us including women entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship for people in socio-economic difficulties.

Participation in the French Tech Tremplin program (Start-up Tallam)

Providing support for female CEOs (dexyos, Tallam…)

Partnership with associations that share our convictions (e.g. 100 Chances 100 Emplois)

Protecting the environment

We favor start-up projects that include sustainable development at the heart of their strategy and we strive to put in place eco-responsible processes.

Participation in the AURA ecomobility challenge (2015)

Implementation of bike mileage allowances (2017)

Everyday eco-responsible processes (sorting waste, optimizing energy costs, etc.)

The team

Alban Richard

CEO & Co-Founder

James Weir


Thomas Debru


Julien Sandevoir


Jeff Knoepli

Platform Builder

Joris Brémond

Platform Builder

Diane Previeux

Finance & HR

Alexandre Lefebvre

Project Manager

Christian Bourgeois

Project Manager

Ammar Johar

Senior Software Developer

Ludovic Plantin

Senior Software Developer

Ludovic Queiroga

Senior Software Developer

Laurent Vandelle

Software Developer

Liam Powell

Software Developer

Gust Vansynghel

Start-up Studio Project Manager

Lucile Rieu

Marketing & Communication

Abdallah Kharchafi

Software Developer

Photo de Manuel Sulmont

Manuel Sulmont

Software Developer


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