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Our work continues beyond the development of your solution.
We support you over the long term in order to train you and ensure the maintenance of your platform.

Training and recruitment assistance

Our objective is to facilitate the appropriation of the solution by your teams. We want you to be able to acquire practical skills on the developed tool and thus gain autonomy. This is why we provide you with all the necessary documentation and organise several training sessions, aimed at end users on the one hand, and technical teams on the other.

We can also integrate your developers into our Agile team during the development of the solution.  In this way, they will increase their skills from the start of the project.

Finally, in the same logic, we can help you in the recruitment process of technical profiles.

Maintenance, support & développement

We ensure the maintenance of your solution remotely (or on site when necessary). One of the goals of maintenance is to prevent problems. Breakdowns must be avoided, this is why we we focus on setting up the appropriate supervision and intervening upstream. We regularly update functional and technical components. When bugs are detected, they are corrected and the solution is updated accordingly.

Our team takes care of the support of your solution: after communication of the problem encountered, we intervene according to the gravity and urgency.

If you have new requirements, we can develop new features, and integrate them into your platform. Incremental development is carried out following the same Agile development process used during the initial development of the solution.

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