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Development of a next generation LegalTech platform

Logo Dexyos

The goal of building a technically reliable and scalable platform that meets user needs has been largely exceeded. Thank you to the entire Moonshot Labs team for accompanying me on this adventure!

Clémentine Richard



The legal tech start-up, dexyos, aims to digitize all company legal aspects starting by providing a SaaS platform for managing Annual General Meetings for legal professionals.

The goal is to free professionals from low added value activities, reduce their time-consuming and error-prone administrative tasks in order to help them improve their competitiveness.

After being supported by the Moonshot Labs incubator, the startup engaged with our digital innovation service to develop the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of the platform, namely:

  • improve the organisation of company annual general meetings that are often long, tedious and prone to errors by automating many tasks
  • to facilitate the collaboration between various stakeholders (management, investors, accountants, etc.)
  • to produce complaint legal documents required for the annual general meetings and allow them to be personalized
  • to provide a reliable and secure platform

Client Problem

At the start of the project, dexyos did not have a technical team in place and wished to rely on the expertise and methodologies of Moonshot Labs to develop its platform and accelerate the availability of its product on the market.

At the same time, the client required help on recruiting and training a technical team on software development best practices.

Our Approach

Innovative projects like dexyos require a great capacity to adapt to the market and feedback of their first customers. This is the reason why we have used an agile approach with an experienced team in direct contact with the CEO to deliver the platform. This included defining:

  • the functional scope taking into account market requirements and user feedback
  • the platform architecture

Legal professionals demand that the legal documents created automatically by the platform are compliant with the law, hence the high level of software quality required. Consequently to ensure this, we have implemented:

  • a continuous delivery process with automated test suites
    regular demos to professions using the platform in order to validate with them the functionality and the accuracy of the legal information produced.
  • In order to help dexyos to continue its IT development independently, we have integrated the newly hired engineers into our team during the development process.

Moonshot Labs Deliverables & Benefits Achieved

Mooonshot Labs Deliverables

  • Ordered list of features (backlog)
  • Microservice architecture plans of the platform
  • SaaS platform in production
  • Continuous integration and delivery platform with automated test suites
  • Continuous demo platform during development
  • Provision of source code and software
  • Tools and technical documentation

Benefits Achieved

The platform saves a considerable amount of time. It is estimated that the school can now process 300 projects per year compared to 120 previously. In addition, the various actors receive alerts when a project remains on hold, which increases their responsiveness. The automation of certain processes have allowed GEM to be more efficient in dealing with incoming mission requests.

    Use of latest technologies and best practices

    Close collaboration between dexyos and the development team

    Involvement of lawyers, accountants in development decisions

    Built a strong technical team for dexyos

    Created of a reliable and secure collaborative platform

    Examples of deliverables

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