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Development of a digital platform for a wealth management firm

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Our platform is working beyond our expectations, and we would like to see it go beyond strictly internal use. I would like to acknowledge the creativity and dedication of the Moonshot Labs team, but also the professionalism and commitment of my team.

Ève-Marie Dyon

Founder, managing director and asset startegy expert


EMD Patrimoine is a wealth management firm created by Mrs Eve-Marie Dyon in 2010. Its mission: to help individuals and professionals build a coherent wealth strategy according to their situation, their needs and their desires.

In 2021, EMD has decided to initiate a digital transformation of its business tools. It chose to equip itself with a digital platform capable of centralising data and automating certain administrative processes so its team can focus on its core business : customer advice.

The expected solution should include the following functionalities:

  • Centralized directory with all EMD’s client files
  • Assistance with the automatic completion of mission and recommendation letters 
  • History of exchanges between EMD employees and clients. Possibility of adding internal notes
  • Import/export of data to share with third party tools
  • Access rights (creation of an account, management of forgotten passwords)

Client Problem

EMD wanted to rely on the technical expertise and methodologies of Moonshot Labs to collect the needs of its employees and develop a platform able to automate the generation of its mission and recommendation letters.

Beyond the software itself, EMD was looking for a company capable of providing support, maintenance and hosting of the solution as well as customisations and possible future developments.


After several collective intelligence workshops with EMD, we defined the functional outline of the future platform and described the whole project in the form of ordered and detailed functionalities.Then, we worked on the choice of technical solutions and proposed a suitable architecture strategy. In order to allow the team to validate the functional outline of the future platform, wireframes were produced for the user experience.

This SaaS platform was developed in agile mode within four months. The EMD team was able to participate in all stages of the development, which allowed us to adjust the expected functionalities with them.

The Moonshot Labs team ensures the support and operational maintenance of the platform and can develop new functionalities if necessary.

Moonshot Labs Deliverables and Benefits achieved

Moonshot Labs Deliverables

  • A detailed description of the platform and associated supports (tables, maps, frameworks, etc.)
  • A technical architecture of the platform in microservices
  • User screen mock-ups and their sequences
  • An ordered list of features to be developed (backlog)
  • SaaS platform in production
  • Continuous integration and delivery platform with several test suites
  • Continuous demo platform during development
  • Hosting and facilities management
  • Support, maintenance and upgrades
  • Tools and technical documentation

Benefits Achieved

This platform saves a lot of time and drastically reduces the number of errors in the documents generated. The generation of a recommendation letter is completed in 30 minutes compared to 4 hours previously. The time saved per month is estimated at 6 days. All these automations allow EMD to concentrate on its core business: advising its customers.

Involvement and support of all employees

Use of the latest technology

Creation of a reliable and secure collaborative platform

Optimal integration of the platform with EMD’s business tools

Speed of production of the platform

Examples of deliverables

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