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Definition and conception of an internal tool for a land management business

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Moonshot Labs team helped us to define and conceive our internal tool in a very active and personalized way. Thanks to their efforts and to the Platform Design Toolkit (that we absolutely did not know before), all of our employees were involved. This allowed us to work in collective intelligence around a business tool that really meets our needs.

Antoine Pette

Chargé de missions foncières à l’epfl du Dauphiné

The challenge


The Établissement Public Foncier Local du Dauphiné is a public operator serving the land strategies of local and regional authorities. Its mission is to support these communities upstream of their development projects, through land management actions and the conversion of industrial and urban wasteland.

In 2020, they decided to acquire a digital internal tool that would help them to monitor and manage their real estate activity: studies, acquisitions, management, real estate requalifications, transfers.


To help the epfl to create a common tool, usable by all the its team, with a clear and ergonomic interface,  we set the following goals:

  • Discovering user’s needs
  • Defining a platform architecture
  • Write the specifications for future development (MVP outline, mock-ups and cost estimates)

    Our solution


    To start start off on the right foot, we have organized several workshops gathering around fifteen people from  the epfl (all the departments were represented). Based on collective intelligence, these workshops use a proven methodology called Platform Design Toolkit, which brings together all the business people around the table. The goal is to characterize the different actors of the ecosysteme, their needs, their exchanges and to bring out the essential functionalities to the construction of the platform.

    After this first step, two architects have assessed the different technical solutions possible and have chosen the most adapted architecure strategy.

    To allow the team to look to the future and validate the functional outline of the platform, sceeen mock-ups have been realized. They will serve as a common thread throughout the development work.

    All this work has enabled us to produce a complete specification, including the definition of the platform’s MVP and a detailed estimate of the production costs.

    Technical results

    • Detailed description of the internal tool and associated materials (tables, maps , canvas …)
    • Technical architecture
    • Screen mock-ups and their logical chain
    • Ordered list of functionalitues (backlog)
    • The specifications

    Benefits achieved

    The entire team’s involvement and support

    The projection of the future platform thanks to screen mock-ups

    The consensual validation of expected functionalities

    The emergence of new functionalities

    A first step towards the Agile approach

    Examples of deliverables

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