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Digital platform definition for land management

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 Moonshot Labs supported us in defining our business platform in a very professional and personalized manner. The Platform Design Toolkit methodology made it possible to involve all of our employees in the process and to lay the foundations for a business tool that specifically meets our needs

Antoine Pette

Land management mission manager, epfl du Dauphiné


The epfl du Dauphiné is a public sector company in charge of local authority land management. Its mission is to support communities with their planning and development projects, through land management actions and the conversion of industrial and urban wasteland.

The customer wanted to initiate a digital transformation project of its internal IT business tools with the goal of creating a new platform adapted to the needs of its team to monitor and manage their projects.

Client Problem

One of the major challenges for EPFL was to collect user requirements and analyze the flow of value between all the different teams in order to offer a digital platform that can be used by everyone, with a simple and ergonomic interface. The client required help on the functional and technical definition of this new platform.

Our Approach

Following a first audit of the current environment, we proposed a series of collective intelligence workshops in order to characterize the actors, define the flow of value ​​and identify the functional needs essential to the construction of the platform. The workshops brought together around fifteen people representing all the different organisations of EPFL.

At the end of these workshops, we worked on the different possible technical solutions and proposed an appropriate architecture. In order to allow the team to validate the functional outline of the future platform, wireframes were produced for the user experience.

Moonshot Labs Deliverables and Benefits Achieved

Moonshot Labs Deliverables

The results of the various workshops provided the necessary information to produce a well defined functional specification. This included the definition of the platform’s MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and a detailed estimate of the implementation costs.

The deliverables included:

  • Detailed description of the platform and associated materials from the workshops (tables, maps, outlines, etc.)
  • Technical architecture
  • Wireframes of the user experience
  • Ordered list of features (backlog)

Benefits Achieved

    Involvement and buy-in from all employees

    Detailed level of understanding of the future platform’s functionality

    Consensual validation of expected platform functionality

    Identification of new functionality

    First step towards an agile approach to the platform development

    Examples of deliverables

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