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Development of a platform for declaring enterprise use cases

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Moonshot Labs developed in a month the platform that we had imagined to automatically manage the proposals of Integrative Projects in Business. The development team was able to adapt to our expectations and make changes very quickly. We thank them for listening, their efficiency and professionalism.

Renaud Cornu-Emieux

In charge of Integrative Projects in Business


Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) is a management school located in Grenoble. It welcomes nearly 8,000 students each year with the goal of educating on business and social challenges. In total, more than 50 training programs, in French and English, are provided each year.

Aware of the importance for students to work on concrete use cases, GEM has set up a program, Integrative Business Projects (PIE). PIE provides missions, sent by existing companies of all sizes and sectors that describe real-life use cases, which are entrusted to a team of 3 to 6 students with mixed profiles and varied backgrounds to work on.

In 2021, GEM wishes to provide a digital platform dedicated to facilitating the connection between companies and GEM Program or Module Managers (RP / RM).

Customer Problem

GEM required an experienced and reliable development team to build a platform based on an initial specification within a very short timeframe. The high level functional requirements to be met were as follows:

  • Connection: Allow companies to submit their project proposal online
  • Visualization of use cases: provide the possibility of PR / RM to select use cases based on specific criteria
  • Follow-up process: Use a workflow that automatically assigns proposals to PR / RM
  • Workflow management: Allow administrators to take control of a workflow

Our Approach

Moonshot Labs’ work with GEM was broken down into three stages: project definition, development and production.

Following several workshops in close collaboration with GEM, we defined the high level functional outline of the platform as well as the detailed feature requirements. These were prioritized to help deliver the most value in the least amount of time.

We developed the SaaS platform in a month using agile methodologies to provide regular feedback to GEM. The Product Owner appointed by GEM proactively participated in all stages of the implementation, which greatly contributed to the success of the project.

Each delivery of the platform was rigorously tested and automatically made available in production allowing users to validate the progress. Furthermore a set of tutorials and documentation was provided to the GEM teaching team for further onboarding.

The Moonshot Labs team currently provides support and operational maintenance of the platform.

Moonshot Labs Deliverables and Benefits Achieved

Moonshot Labs Delivrables

  • Ordered list of features (backlog)
  • Description and architecture of the platform
  • Continuous demo platform during development
  • SaaS platform in production (operational from the end of the 1st sprint)
  • Provision of source code and software
  • Documentations and video tutorials

Benefits Achieved

The platform saves a considerable amount of time. It is estimated that the school can now process 300 projects per year compared to 120 previously. In addition, the various actors receive alerts when a project remains on hold, which increases their responsiveness. The automation of certain processes have allowed GEM to be more efficient in dealing with incoming mission requests.

    Close collaboration between GEM and the development team

    Optimal integration of the platform into GEM’s technical infrastructure

    Listening and responsiveness of the team to requests from GEM

    Speed ​​of production of the platform

    Proposal of new features

    Examples of delivrables

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