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Development of a Marketplace

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The Talend Exchange marketplace that we’ve been using for 6 years now was co-constructed with Moonshot Labs. Their team is very responsive to our requests and carries out the expected customizations and evolutions in a spirit of close collaboration.

Elisa Sabot

Technical Communication Senior Director


Talend is a software company specialising in data processing and integration. It provides companies with healthy and easily exploitable data to help them make strategic decisions.

One of their solutions, Talend Open Studio, makes it possible to assemble different elementary components to obtain the desired data transformation chain. These components can be offered directly by Talend or by a community of developers.

Talend users can view information about the different components and their use. They access these components from Talend Open Studio and integrate them into their data transformation chain.

Until 2013, components proposed by developers were added manually to the catalogue. In order to improve this time-consuming and inflexible mode of operation, Talend wanted to create a marketplace to facilitate exchanges around Talend Open Studio components.

The expected solution should include the following functionalities:

  • Give a space to contributing developers so they can propose their components
  • Allow users to give their opinion on the components (community spirit)
  • Moderate the contributions of the developers.

Client Problem

As Talend does not specialise in developing marketplaces, it wanted to rely on Moonshot Labs’ expertise and methodologies to develop its platform and integrate it into its product environment.

Beyond the software itself, Talend was looking for a company capable of providing support, maintenance and hosting of the solution as well as customizations and possible future evolutions.

Our approach

As other customers also expressed the need for a marketplace, we wanted to develop a generic product that could be used by each customer under their own brand.

After drafting the specifications together, our team benchmarked existing marketplaces, which allowed us to propose a relevant design to Talend.

Following a first phase of detailed design of the functionalities and definition of the roadmap, we built the marketplace product in an agile manner, which allowed us to adjust the expected functionalities incrementally.

Once the product was developed, installed and customized for Talend, we trained the Talend teams to integrate it with Talend Open Studio (IT technicians) and to use it (administrators).

Moonshot Labs Deliverables and Benefits achieved

Moonshot Labs Deliverables

  • Co-constructed specifications
  • Talend Exchange SaaS platform in production
    • Based on the generic product
    • Talend look and feel (Branding)
    • Integration with Talend’s authentication service
  • Pre-production and qualification platforms
  • Hosting and outsourcing
  • Maintenance and upgrades
  • Technical support and consulting
  • Tools and technical documentation
  • Training for Talend technical teams

Benefits Achieved

The Talend Exchange Marketplace allows components developed within the Talend Community to be made available and shared and facilitates the management of contributions by Talend administrators. Since its launch in 2015, it has been used by 200 developers and 22,000 users. 

    Collaborative marketplace bringing together developers and users

    Optimal integration of the platform into Talend’s technical infrastructure

    Long-term support and commitment

    Listening and responding to Talend’s support requests

    Realization of customized functionalities and evolutions on demand

    Examples of deliverables

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