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You have identified a platform opportunity and you want to turn your idea into reality? Now is the time to think about your product design.

There is no better way to start than with a Platform Design Toolkit workshop. We will then help you write your specifications, choose your architecture and think about the UX/UI design.

Platform design Toolkit workshop

This workshop aims to analyse your ecosystem to design, develop and deploy your platform idea. It allows you to discover the opportunities and explore the user experiences needed to develop your platform. It is carried out in collective intelligence with all or part of your collaborators, to reach a common idea, share it and participate in its execution.

At the end, you obtain a set of frameworks including a detailed mapping of your ecosystem and its actors, a detailed description of their interactions as well as detailed user experiences. These documents, developed with the support of all stakeholders, form a solid basis for building your platform.


After having analysed your needs, we identify together the functional outline of the first version of your platform.

To do this, we describe your entire project in the form of functionalities. We prioritise them according to your business strategy and select those that will constitute your MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

The MVP is the product that best addresses the customer’s main problem. This serves as the basis for obtaining a first estimate of the time and resources required.


The architecture is the overall structure of your platform. It is the organisation of the different elements of your system and their interactions. It does not describe what the platform should achieve but how it should be achieved to meet the specifications. A good choice of architecture guarantees the performance, durability and scalability of your platform.

Based on technical, economic and political criteria, we propose different technologies to build the foundations of your digital platform. We study them together and select the architecture strategy best suited to your needs.

UX & UI Design

Our goal is to design a platform that provides the best possible user experience (UX). We want users’ feelings about the interface to be the most positive. They should find the use of the platform pleasant, easy and useful. This involves several parameters, in particular the graphic design of the interface wich is  known as the user interface (UI).

In order to visually validate the functional expectations of the MVP with your teams, we investigate the UX/UI ergonomics of your platform and create a portfolio of mock-ups representing the core experiences of users.  You can thus validate screen sequences, information flows and a graphic style.


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