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It’s time to bring your project to life… Trust our development team!

Building your platform

We develop your product using Agile methodology.
Continuous delivery and demonstration of the platform in 2-week cycles.


  • Develop your platform according to your vision
  • Carry out short iterations and take into account your continuous user feedback
  • Ensure quality and continuous integration
  • Help you to increase your skills so that you can continue the project independently


  • Evolution of the backlog (ordered list of features) and project management
  • Incremental programming of functions and integration of software bricks
  • Continuous integration and testing
  • Meetings related to the Agile methodology (Sprint planning, daily standups, grooming, demos, retrospectives etc.)
  • Transfer of technical and organisational skills to your teams


  • Project management dashboard
  • Continuous demo platform during development
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) platform
  • Operational platform in production
  • Source code and version control software

Agile approach

Our Agile approach enables you to be the central actor in the definition of your project and its implementation.

Together we set short-term objectives and build your platform in successive iterations. This flexible approach allows us to take into account unforeseen events and improvements requested during the project. In this way, we significantly accelerate the development of a first operational product.

Our goal is to offer you a high value-added solution that meets your expectations, while controlling costs and deadlines.

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