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Idea to startup launch in 12 months

Got an idea but don’t know where to start ? You have a business plan, but need help financing your project ? You are on your own and wish to build a team around your project ? You are in the middle of building your startup but can’t find the right partners ?

Join us and you will :

  • Benefit from experienced entrepreneurs by your side to successfully launch your startup
  • Promote your project to find funding more easily
  • Participate in design thinking workshops to materialize your strategy and generate innovation
  • Increase your chances of success by benefiting from our expert team in digital innovation to build your platform
  • Be assured of a quality product co-built with user feedback
  • Access a dense network of partners at your disposal to help you on a daily basis, as well as experts to support you in many areas (legal, financial, marketing, sales, etc.)

Based on our experiences of launching previous successful several startups, we have created a program “Startup Studio” dedicated to entrepreneurs to help them through the different steps of launching their startup regardless at the current stage of their project. Our multidisciplinary, technophile and experienced team is here to guide you through the various pitfalls of launching your project and creating a successful business.

We help you with your startup’s fund raising rounds, identifying both public and private investors. In addition, we have launched a multi-million euro investment fund dedicated to startups in the early phases of development

Let’s create your startup together.

    Our Startup Studio

    The Startup Studio includes workshops and services dedicated to the incubation and creation of your startup. We support all stages of your project including business strategy, the development of your platform with our dedicated technical team, recruitment, “go-to-market” strategy, marketing, and the launch of your startup on the market.


    We recognise that each project has unique needs based on its stage of development, sector and context. Consequently we create a tailored-made program for your project to best meet your needs. Whether you are just beginning or have already created your startup, we can support you in your journey.

    Modules designed for effective support

    Our support revolves around five key modules that cover the entire process, from idea to product launch on the market.

    Process startup incubation offer

    What do we offer ?

    When you join our incubator, we first seek to better understand your project and its needs. Once we understand the specific characteristics of your project, we will build the program together. These include workshops, methodologies and mentoring sessions.

    With our team, we provide technical expertise to develop the digital platform for your startup. This includes the functional requirements; architecture specifications; user experience (UX / UI design); development of the first version of the product and help with the recruitment of your technical team.

    At the same time, we help you on the legal, market, business plan and fundraising activities.

    The tailor-made program will consist of individual sessions, workshops and mentoring to best meet your needs and ensure the success of your project. Most of these elements will be organized by your mentor who will be assigned to you at the start of the program and who will follow your project throughout the incubation process.

    A space at the Campus

    By joining us, you will have a desk provided at the campus that brings everyone together under one roof; coworking spaces, flex offices, conference rooms and auditorium. Designed for sharing experiences, the campus already hosts dozens of startups who bring it to life and promote a true spirit of mutual help.

    Why join us?

    With a philosophy of being alongside the founders, we provide active, comprehensive and personalized support to the projects we are monitoring, both technical and operational. We have a diverse skill set and in business and marketing as well as technical expertise. We are an experienced team who will be at your disposal to help you succeed.

    “Ultra-Seed” Investment Fund

    After having gone through several fund raising rounds for our own startups, we have found that many solutions exist for mature startups but very few for startups during the incubation phase.

    We have therefore decided to create an “Ultra-Seed” investment fund of several million euros dedicated to fund projects through the early stages of creation with the aim of federating investors and entrepreneurs that have common goals.

    We have identified two key phases for startups: the incubation phase, and the first development phase of the digital platform. The investment fund guarantees an alignment of interests between holders and investors and provides a win-win scenario.

    Startups we are helping

    Explore the current projects and startups being incubated at Moonshot Labs.

    Logo Tallam


    An application to simplify the implementation of hybrid work (flex office, home office…)

    Logo Tallam


    The digital platform for the distribution of professional furniture

    Logo Tallam


    The platform facilitating the transmission of digital assets.

    Logo Tallam


    Digital packaging to promote packaging-free products.

    Logo Tallam


    An application to develop general knowledge through adaptive quizzes.

    Logo Dexyos


    A platform digitizing the process of General Assemblies.

    Logo Nonli


    A tool to enhance your performance in real time & harness big data.

    Logo Electroducer


    A device to secure and optimize TransHeart Valve (THV) & Percutaneous Coronary Interventions.

    Logo Sinao


    The simplest online management software designed to make life easier for entrepreneurs.

    Logo project in progress


    Platform dedicated to supporting startups in the seed phase

    Extra Benefits

    Logo AWS Activate

    By being part of the Moonshot Labs family, you benefit from discounted products and services to get your startup off the ground.

    Our partnership with DigitalOcean grants our affiliated startups exclusive access to Hatch, a startup program designed to help support business growth.

    Concretely, you will received the folowing benefits:

    • Access up to $1000 worth of DigitalOcean’s cloud for 12 months
    • Technical training and mentorship
    • Priority support through DigitalOcean’s Customer Success teams
    • A lifetime access to the Hatch community of entrepreneurs
    • Marketing help and promotions through DigitalOcean’s social channels, newsletters and events.
    • Invites to exclusive networking events
    Logo de HubSpot

    Our partnership with HubSpot grants you a 90% discount  the first year, a 50% discount the second year and a 25% discount the following years. Beyond the discounts, this partnership allows you to participate in webinars and access a library of content that will help you acquire and retain customers.  

    Join us

    Four important steps

    • lContact us using the form below
    • We will setup an initial meeting with the goals to introduce ourselves as well as understand the context of your project
    • Send any materials you think necessar and we will get back to you on whether your project is accepted within 3 weeks.
    • zPitch your project in front Moonshot Labs incubator members. This session will be followed by a moment of discussion around the project

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