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Before any project launch, we suggest that you carry out collective intelligence workshops to help you define and implement a winning strategy. We mainly use the Wardley Mapping (Simon Wardley) and Platform Opportunity Exploration (Boundaryless) methods.

The Wardley Mapping method

Increasingly used by start-ups and large groups, this method allows you to map the environment in which your company operates in order to define an informed strategy.

Starting from the users’ needs, a sequence of activities is identified to satisfy them. Each of these activities is then qualified by its degree of maturity on the market and its potential for future development.

The result is a visual representation of your ecosystem that enables you to position yourself in relation to the competition, anticipate market changes and evaluate the strategic options available.. It is also a way of sharing a common vision of your strategy with all your employees.


  • Mapping the value chain of the target market
  • Concretise your strategy with your teams through workshops and collective intelligence methods
  • Acquire tools to communicate your strategy


  • Analyse your market and map opportunities and players
  • Explore the patterns that influence the ecosystem
  • Choose tactical directions to build your strategy


  • Mapping of your market’s exploration perimeter annotated with available strategic options
  • Strategic recommendations

The Platform Opportunity Exploration method

Aware of the social and economic value of digital platforms and the benefits they can bring, we have chosen to use the Platform Opportunity Exploration methodology.

To begin with, it is necessary to define the market that you wish to address, identify the key players and the activities in which you wish to position yourself. Then you need to identify the dynamics of the market, the interactions between its players (value exchanges, market shares) and the needs to be met. Once this ecosystem has been modelled, you can position your organisation and identify platform opportunities.


  • With your team, rediscover your ecosystem through a collective intelligence workshop
  • Identify the opportunities that digital technology can bring you


  • Define the scope of exploration by selecting the key activities within your ecosystem
  • Identify stakeholders and their interactions (value streams) and unmet needs
  • Establish a list of platform opportunities


  • An outline of your ecosystem with key players and roles
  • A study of the activities and interactions in your ecosystem
  • A canvas highlighting platform opportunities

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